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Fantasy Fest

Fantasy Fest is a ten day adult Halloween celebration that commences on a Friday night with the Coronation Ball, where the King and Queen on Fantasy Fest are Crowned. Fantasy Fest was conceived as a way to boost tourism in Key West. It is now the biggest event of the year, bringing some 50,000 revelers to Duval Street for the Saturday Night Parade. Much like Mardi Gras, Fantasy Fest is an Adult Event, including many Costumes, Body Painting, and Floats. Best of all, AIDS Help, The Florida Keys Children's Shelter, and other Non Profit Organizations, benefit from this event.

Attention! Due to the nature of Fantasy Fest (an adult celebration), this website contains adult material and nudity, and may not be suitable for children. Viewer discretion is advised.

Fantasy Fest History

In October 1978, the first year of festival took form. What began as primarily a gay party staged to add pep to the quiet days of October soon acquired a life of it's own. Tony Falcone and the late Bill Conkle, owners of Fast Buck Freddie's Department Store, along with Joe Liska and Frank Romano, who owned Key West Aloe at the time, organized a party to stimulate business. The ten day celebration now includes balls, costume competitions, pet and neighborhood parades, and sideshows of every kind.