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Fantasy Fest - AIDS Help, Inc. (305)-296-6196

Thanks to the King and Queen of Fantasy Fest, large sums of money are donated each year to AIDS Help, mainly from local Key West Businesses. AIDS Help, Inc. a non-profit community-based organization, provides case-managed health care, housing, food, counseling, referral and support services for HIV-infected residents of Monroe County (The Florida Keys). The agency also conducts health education and HIV risk reduction outreach programs aimed at reducing the impact of HIV infection throughout Monroe County.

AIDS is a frightening disease, but today there are new therapies and approaches that are keeping many people with HIV healthy. The first and most important step you can take – whether you’re 18 or 55 – is to find out whether you’ve been exposed to HIV. The Monroe County Health Department and AIDS Help regularly test in our area for the virus. These tests are confidential. Testing times are routinely carried in local publications. You can also call 296-6196 or 293-7523 to find out where you can be tested.

Having HIV and having AIDS is not the same thing. HIV is a virus that attacks the immune system, eventually leading to a range of illnesses that are called acquired immune deficiency syndrome, or AIDS. You can have HIV and remain healthy, but without treatment, most people get sick. An HIV-antibody blood test is commonly used to see whether you’ve been exposed to the virus. This test looks for HIV antibodies, special proteins that the body produces to fight HIV. Other tests measure HIV antibodies in urine and saliva. Most HIV-antibody tests use the ELISA method of detection that is 99% accurate. A more sensitive Western blot test is used to confirm a positive result. A positive test result means you’ve been exposed to HIV; it doesn’t mean you have AIDS. If you test positive, you should plan to see a doctor familiar with HIV and consider other tests for HIV and treatment options. A negative test means you haven’t been exposed to the virus OR that it’s too early to tell. It takes from two weeks to six months for antibodies to develop after a person is exposed to HIV. A negative result doesn’t protect you against future infection. Counseling is an important part of getting an HIV test. Trained counselors at the above phone numbers locally can address your fears and help you prepare for getting the results. Frequent testing is also advisable. Let’s face it, folks. We live in a very sexually charged environment. When any of us sleeps with an out-of-towner, we sleep with everyone they’ve slept with across this country. We want our younger generation to grow up healthy and we want our older generation around to pass on the knowledge and experience that will help to preserve our paradise. That’s the ultimate answer to the question “Why get tested?”

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Fantasy Fest

Attention! Due to the nature of Fantasy Fest (an adult celebration), this website contains adult material and nudity, and may not be suitable for children. Viewer discretion is advised.