Fantasy Fest - Key West



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Fantasy Fest King and Queen

Every year, from as early as late August, the competition for King and Queen of Fantasy Fest begins. The competition is open to anyone who wishes to be a part of it. The Winners, ultimately the King and Queen of Fantasy Fest, are the ones that raise the most money for AIDS Help, Inc. by 'Buying' the most Votes, or in other words - Finding Sponsors and Venues for their Fund Raising Efforts. Fantasy Fest commences on a Friday night with the Royal Coronation Ball, where the King and Queen of Fantasy Fest are Crowned. Contributions are accepted right up to the last minute when the final tally takes place at the Coronation Ball. The man and woman, or man and man-in-drag, are dubbed 'Royalty' after emerging from a field of entrants whose votes have been bought and sold and bought and sold over again. The King and Queen of Fantasy Fest receive Regal Robes, Crowns, and Scepters, and preside over all official Fantasy Fest Events. In the name of the people served by AIDS Help, we would like to thank all the Kings and Queens of Fantasy Fest for all their efforts and good will.

Fantasy Fest

Queen Bitch Sisters and King LA Meyers, Fantasy Fest Royal 2000, the purveyors of the Royal Scepters, designed and produced by Key West Awards.

Fantasy Fest

Frank Cicalese and Bob Conti, The Royal Purveyors of the Capes

Fantasy Fest

Scott Fraser, Dennis Beaver and Susan Kent of the GLCC join Denise Dunbar of AIDS Help in presenting the new Royal Challises for this year’s King and Queen.

Location - Ocean Key House Resort - Zero Duval Street, Key West